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Boost Conversion by Showing the Product in a Real-Life Situation

Blog on behavioral science and web conversion

Boost Conversion by Showing the Product in a Real-Life Situation

Show that I can use it. It may sound strange, but it can significantly impact your customers.

The visual aspect holds great value for many when they evaluate a product. Researchers tested this, among other things, with mugs, where they displayed mugs with the handle on either the right or left side. It turned out that left-handed individuals preferred mugs with the handle on the left side.

One might think it would be easy for customers to imagine that they could simply rotate the mug halfway, but still, the placement of the handle mattered.

Similarly, right-handed and left-handed people also preferred different images of cakes, depending on the placement of the fork. As much as 35% more people showed interest in purchasing when the placement matched their preferred hand.

Show products in a real-life situation

This tendency is called the Visual Depiction Effect, and you should consider using it by displaying your products in use. Instead of packshots taken in a studio with a neutral background, you should show the product in a real-life situation.

Take this example from a TV stand manufacturer. They complemented the neutral images with pictures of the product in use.

Increase conversion by showing real-life situations – an example shown at Conversionboost by Mathe Thiim from Obsidian.

Here are a few other ideas:

  • Books – show someone reading the book.
  • Family cars – show the vehicle filled with life.
  • Espresso coffee – show the coffee in the brewing situation.
  • Cycling shorts – show them in use while cycling.
  • Tools – show a craftsman using them.

The production of real-life images may be more expensive than packshots, but it can boost your conversion!

The Visual Depiction Effect holds immense potential for businesses aiming to increase product conversion rates. By presenting products in real-life usage scenarios, companies can tap into the emotional aspects of consumer decision-making, creating a stronger connection between the customers and the products they offer. Investing in high-quality visual depictions might require more resources, but the resulting boost in conversion rates can make it a worthwhile endeavor. As businesses seek innovative ways to stand out in the market, harnessing the power of visual depiction can be a game-changer that brings success and customer loyalty.

Source: Ryan S. Elder and Aradhna Krishna: The “Visual Depiction Effect” in Advertising: Facilitating Embodied Mental Simulation through Product Orientation – find it here.

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