I am Jens, and I am a writer, public speaker and caveman

Build better websites and webshops

I combine my knowledge of behavioral science with conversion optimization in my talks, and how you can use this combination to get better results online.

Jens Balle
Caveman Online

Behavioral design for the caveman online

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talks and courses

What can I do for you?

I bring updated knowledge of behavioral design and how we make decisions which you can use in your work on websites or webshops.

Get new inspiration and knowledge you can use in your daily work with your online presence. You get insights and tools and walk away with a to-do list of ideas to continue improving your results.


Pep talk about the work with conversion and insight into talking to the caveman, so you get better conversion on your website.


3 hour workshop with a focus on pitfalls and tools for working with conversion optimization.​


Get me on the sidelines with a review of your site or in the construction of a new site.

Jens Balle på Marketingcamp


Learn why we make the decisions we do and how you can use it in your communication.


Get tools you can use in your daily work with websites and webshops.

Educative talks

Everyone returns with new knowledge and tasks on their to-do list when Jens Balle gives a talk.


More than 20 years of experience in sharing knowledge on communication and behavioral science.


Communication that captivates and entertains while you learn new things.

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Caveman to Caveman

It is all about C2C

Whether you are in B2C or B2B it is really C2C - Caveman to Caveman - you're in

Whether you are selling to consumers or other businesses, the receiver of your communication is always a caveman!

Use this knowledge to communicate better and get better results.

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What participants are saying


Wow, I want to hear more

I have had the pleasure of being at a company lecture/workshop with Jens from Average Joe, here the focal point was meeting culture and the good meeting.

I have to admit that I would like to hear much more from Jens and get his understandable and very useful experiences.

I can recommend Jens to other companies that need a boost 🙂


Professional talk

Thank you to Jens for a great talk where he also managed to involve us all. He started with great energy and kept it at that level throughout the talk.

I give Jens my warmest recommendation.


Really great talk

Jens has a unique ability to pass on his knowledge and his tools in an unusually entertaining and down-to-earth way. A thoroughly educational and fantastic live lecture.

The warmest recommendations from me.


Vlog about conversion optimization and behavioral science

Get great tips for your work on CRO - Jens Balle takes his knowledge of behavioral design and nudging as a starting point in this blog.​

Mobile-first is a myth

The majority of websites are receiving more and more visitors through mobile devices. However, it is my claim that the so-called mobile-first approach is a

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